Artist, born in Maracay, Venezuela. Paint mainly with acrylic paint on wood panels. After living in several houses in Venezuela, Mexico, Spain and France, he currently lives and works in his home in Montreal, Canada.


His works evoke the feeling of an aerial view of a chaotic city, which thanks to color becomes harmonious. These abstract interpretations of an urban landscape create a cheerful and distinctive style. Schomburgk paints each house as if they were a piece of a mosaic, perfectly balancing the fluid of the colors and forms while repeating a pattern that creates a sense of movement and a great perspective.

“Home is not a space, it is a feeling…..”


The houses


Every emigrant feels the need to take with him the home he has left behind in order to find a better future.


The home can not be simply a place, a space. The home is something that every human being can take with him wherever he goes, it's a feeling!


By painting houses, I can create worlds to live in and I would also like my small houses to find their homes.


In Venezuela, I saw the chaos of a "favela" just as I saw it in Europe or North America in infinite urbanizations where all the houses are the same. In the end, we all share a wall, a roof or a facade!​



My works are signed on the back of the canvas. So those who love them can look in any direction, horizontal or vertical and change as much as they please.

"The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change ..."'

― Heraclitus

The year


Time is an invention of humanity. That's why as a human being I can create my own space-time.


My paintings show the moment of their creation since I started painting until today. Each of my anno (Latin year) begins with the spring equinox of the northern hemisphere.




Schomburgk year

Anno I

Anno II

Anno III

Gregorian year




Hebrew year




Hijri year




The cause


Children! As a Father, I know there is nothing worse than a sick child. I give a percentage of my sales to l’Opération Enfants Soleil. Thank you for visiting www.operationenfantsoleil.ca

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